By Minh Nguyen

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Minh  Nguyen
Minh Nguyen
Facilitator - Design Thinking and Culture

About the Instructor

Three years ago, Minh Nguyen quit his job in Atlanta to start the GO Project, a consultancy and education program where he led a team to support startups and tech accelerators in Chile, Turkey, and Myanmar. Afterwards, he accepted a Fulbright grant in Jamaica to study Chinese Jamaican entrepreneurs and created Startup Jams, a workshop series that brought speakers to Jamaica including the COO of Y Combinator. Upon returning to the United States, Minh worked for IDEO, a design consultancy, as a community designer and challenge manager where he supported USAID and startups in the fight against the zika virus. Thereafter he joined a non-profit that develops and prepares underrepresented minorities to be leaders in industry with heavy focus on the tech sector.

Through the design thinking course we will unpack each step of the design thinking process. Participants will develop skills as visual thinkers, strategists, through engagement in live discussions and practical assignments. Students will directly apply what they have learned to their entrepreneurial challenges/projects.

Course Contents

3 Videos
3 PDFs